Promote Your Brand and Grow Your Business


interKanect opens up a new avenue for entrepreneurs to offer their services by connecting directly with customers via remote video chat. Potential clients, customers, fans and followers who need your help for things like repairing their computer, fixing a leaky pipe or any other service offered by your business can log on to interKanect and look for you. That means any small business with a webcam and some extra time can use interKanect to promote its services and make money. Customers will pay a fee — set by you — for one-on-one help. Businesses also set their own available hours and can manage requests from customers individually. interKanect isn't just a way for small business owners to pocket a little extra cash; the service could also help you position yourself as an expert. Once you sign up and create your interKanect page, your business will appear in the search results when someone searches for help in your area of expertise. Over time, interkanect could build your brand's reputation and bolster your credentials. Satisfied clients may be more likely to recommend your business to friends, or even seek you out in person. And because you can offer your services to anyone, anywhere, you could potentially grow your existing client base.