Get Help

Ask the questions, have an expert answer them, and pay for the privilege. It is all done over video. This also allows people to easily demonstrate something from both ends, where a teacher can use the video to demonstrate the technique while a student can use the video to show something from their end they would like advice on, such as a yoga pose or a repair job. Everything from writing tips to cooking demos. It also offers computer-related help, with an option to allow “student” to share screen with the expert. Helpers include not just individuals who are experts on a variety of subject areas, but also companies. It is an interKanect helper, helping people with makeup tips, and marketing their own products in the process. The cost and duration of the help sessions very between helpers. Simply click on each one to learn more about the price and length of their help sessions. People are allowed to schedule a help session at a later time, so you don’t need to worry that you will need to have your help session immediately when you decide you want to do it.